The Video Business Card is our flagship product. It’s a two minute video that amalgamates the fundamental drivers behind what makes your business tick. Who you are, what you do, WHY you do what you do, how you do it different than your competitors, and why someone should work with you. We’re passionate about interviewing our clients in a way that evokes emotion from the heart. This genuine soul expression combined with captivating cinematography is a perfect recipe for attracting the right customers to your business. Below are samples of some of the amazing clients we have worked with.


Dr. John A. Rothchild has built a practice that subscribes to a biological and natural approach to dentistry. We had a very enjoyable experience flying out to Durango, Colorado to capture his essence and create this video.


Vanworks has worked hard to develop camper van conversions that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whether you like camping, motocross, downhill biking, need a mobile office, or want to travel in style and comfort, they have what you need. We had an absolute blast getting to know the team and adventuring around Colorado and Wyoming in their vans.


When disaster strikes your place of residence or business, RestoreCo provides unmatched quality and service as they restore the affected space into a safe environment once again. RestoreCo’s innovative process, environmental responsibility, and commitment to excellence sets them apart from other restoration companies in Colorado. RestoreCo deploys innovative techniques and uses top of the line technology in order to focus on restoring over replacing, as often as possible. It was pretty neat to see the processes used to restore a flooded home and we appreciate the effort this company makes to save as much as possible in every situation.


Similar to a Video Business Card, but more focused on individuals pursuing their art, unique gifts or vision for the world. These aren’t used necessarily to sell anything, rather to build trust and rapport with the featured person. Below are two unique individuals shining their light on the world. We love these style of videos, as well as the people highlighted in them!


Ever been on a pedi-cab ride through a city at night? Talk about a cool experience. Here is a prime example of a beautiful human shining their brightest light on the world. This is one of our favorite videos of all time. Jamie’s charisma and fun loving vibe really shine through this video, we’re all so proud of how this turned out. Love this guy’s perspective in life, he’s a pleasure to be around. 


Luke is one of those people you’ll never forget. From his amazing locks to his essentric personality, he’s a magical being from a galaxy far far away. One look at his paintings and you’ll understand, the talent this man has is unreal. Enjoy!


A different approach to storytelling is through a scripted brand video that takes the audience through a journey. These videos are usually more in depth and require much more thought and effort into storyboarding and pre-production than the other videos we create. In business, branding is everything and if you can set the stage for what a company represents in an entertaining and creative way, you can have a massive impact on those viewing.


Our friends across the pond in Slovenia are up to some pretty freakin’ cool stuff. Through introspection, travel and action, they’ve designed a way to push the limits of the human psyche and have an absolute blast while doing so. We are wanderers, dreamers, builders, and seekers. The truths of our world only exist in our mind. Our perspective is always a choice, and we make that choice every day. We are here to grow, to prosper, to build, to move forward. We are here to progress and move past the current  version of ourselves over and over again. Check out what these guys are doing, it’s nothing short of inspiring!


Got an event, movement or product you’d like to promote? We can help with that! High energy, great music, stunning cinematography is the name of the game here. Use these videos to advertise, promote and draw people in to whatever it is you are putting together.


Just outside our hometown of Fort Collins, ARISE is one of the most clean and conscious festivals we’ve ever attended. We had the opportunity to collab with SALT Magazine and ARISE to put together this action packed promo video. Enjoy!


Vanworks does an incredible job at building camper vans to suit your needs. The Basecamp is their most popular model in their lineup. Its simplistic design allows you to access the outdoors in whatever way your heart desires. 


UV-C is an established technology used in many industries including hospitals, labs, food processing plants and more. Given the dire state of the world during the pandemic of 2020, RestoreCo decided to implement this technology to help keep people safe. We designed a video to showcase the possibilities of this technology and to promote this aspect of their business.


We LOVE shooting events. There’s nothing like capturing candid, authentic moments of people interacting with each other, celebrating a special occasion, educating themselves on a passion of theirs, or dancing to their favorite band. You name it, we’ve got you covered. Our experience over the last 2 decades includes filming sporting events, weddings, music festivals, expos, and more.


One of our favorite videos we’ve produced over the years, there are some pretty cool transitions between shots we are very proud of. While we have rebranded since this video was released, it shows what we are capable of capturing and the ability to edit a wide range of clips into a seamless video that flows through the energy waves. With careful music selection mashed with a detailed cinematic shooting style, we pride ourselves our ability to create an enjoyable experience for the viewer.


We produced this video in Park City, UT for Upload VR during Sundance Film Festival in 2016. The night consisted of drinks + networking, trying out new Virtual Reality experiences and some pretty impressive moves on the dance floor!


We gathered at Ski Roundtop, PA for a wedding filled with love, laughter, and fantastic company; an evening truly never to be forgotten. This video is proof that these wonderful folks know how to enjoy themselves, and the love that they share for one another is real. Congratulations to Jen and Kenny, we had an absolute blast working with you!


This isn’t your typical Wedding Film as our Founder, Alex was Chris’ Best Man. What was captured in this video shows the lead up to the Ceremony itself, filled with some really special moments between the couple. We love the dialogue between Chris and Kellie, and what can we say, we have a soft spot for Romance. 


Everyone knows that customer testimonials help build trust with potential clients. At EXYST, we take testimonials to the next level. Like all work we do, emotion is the centerpiece. Most websites have written testimonials, which are good, but sensing emotion from text is difficult. Some websites include video testimonials, though usually a customer is sat down in front of a camera and asked to explain their experience. This is nerve-racking and challenging for most people, leading to a sub par result. We’ve seen too many of those videos and are flipping the script on what a customer testimonial should be. We believe the most effective way to draw out emotion from people is by providing a safe space for them to talk freely, asking them questions in a conversation-style interview that’s low pressure, easy on the nerves, and allows them to fully open up. Instead of a question/answer/question/answer format, we’re more of a question/answer/go deeper into that answer style of format. As you can see in the samples below, the end result is nothing short of powerful. 


Becca and her whole family see Dr. John Rothchild. Here is her take on why they choose Dr. John.


Eliza talks about how her daughter used to struggle with sleep and how working with Dr. Rothchild has completely changed her life.


Marti talks about what a rare jewel Dr. Rothchild is and explains what she loves most about being a patient and how his practice has helped her.


Gary compares his experience with Dr. Rothchild with his experience growing up seeing the dentist. According to him, it’s a night and day difference.


Sadie’s mother shares the excitement of working with a product called Ortho-Tain per Dr. Rothchild’s recommendation. She describes the life changing results her daughter has experienced using this appliance.


Being a company focused on heart, soul and passion, documentaries allow us to truly go deep into a topic. We believe that documentaries have the power to change the world in significant ways. At EXYST, we are on a mission to learn as much as we can, take that knowledge, expand and package it in an entertaining way that educates and inspires. We’re focused on impacting the world in every way that we can, and this is one of our favorite style of videos.


In collaboration with Joseph Imbriano of Omni Kai, we hit the streets of Denver, CO during Denver Startup Week to find out what the largest business networking event in the world was all about. What started out as a way to learn about what bright minds are working on in this city, transformed into discovering the humanity behind Denver Startup Week 2019. The dedication, passion and intellect of the people in this area shines bright in this mini documentary. We hope you enjoy it!


Sometimes we like to kick back and just have a good time. We got together with Arcadian Pictures to help film some behind the scenes footage of Love Stallion’s music video, Big Rock Radio. Little did we know it would turn into a mini documentary filled with amazing scenery, great music and lots of laughs. We’re super proud of how this turned out and had an absolute blast making it.